By Staff Writer Laura Kane 

Boston’s nearly 400-year history comes to life as Halloween tours show fright seekers ghosts, murders and haunted houses around the Hub.

This year Fenway Park is hosting SpookyWorld’s The Fear at Fenway for the first time. From Oct. 20 to Nov. 6, the baseball field will be transformed into a dwelling place for monsters, ghouls and the living dead.

The spook-fest has scheduled three different shows to entice fright seekers, according to The Fear at Fenway’s website.

The attractions include Hancock Hill Cemetery, Brigham manor and the 3D Freakout. The tickets for general admission are $45.

In response to the price of SpookyWorld, College of Fine Arts freshman Liz Morlock said that she would rather go on a ghost tour.

“[Haunted houses] can be kind of fake, while a ghost tour is more legitimate,” she said.

Ghosts & Gravestones offers ghosts tours seven days per week from June until October in downtown Boston. As stated on the tour’s website, treacherous character guides drag guests  “kicking and screaming through Boston’s sordid past.”

The tour visits murder sites, the allegedly haunted Omni Parker House hotel and downtown’s oldest graveyard, the King’s Chapel burying ground.  The tour also includes tales of Boston’s “Woman in Scarlet,” a lady ghost tormented by her tragic death at sea, and the North End’s mysterious underground tunnels, according to its website.

Tickets are sold at $38 at its starting location on the waterfront in front of the Marriott Long Wharf Hotel.

Beacon Hill with a BOO!, part of Boston’s foot tours, offers a Halloween special. On October 31, a guide leads costumed guests on a “journey through the true and morbid tales” that haunt the quiet neighborhood, according to its website.

Spirit of Boston’s Halloween Lunch Cruise, a less scary alternative for families, supplies guests with food, entertainment and candy to celebrate the holiday, all while sailing in Boston Harbor. The cruise costs $45 per adult.

“Halloween activities can be expensive,” said College of Arts and Sciences freshman Katrina Strass. “I sometimes prefer craving pumpkins and watching Halloween movies instead of paying a lot of money for a planned event.”