Alright. After the brutal absence of “weekend preview” for a one week sabbatical, it’s back and better than ever. Everyone relax. RELAX.

I’m going to take a different approach to previewing this week. I’m going to tell you the one thing you should do this weekend instead of giving you a list and leaving it up to you to sift through the dregs to find the one event that won’t waste your time:

Friday, September 23

The Middle East Downstairs

Gastrea (with Wayside, Await Rescue, Taller In Person and Trans Canada)

18+, Tickets $10

Gastrea emerged from a house in Allston one chilly morning in September, took a look around, went back inside, and created a new blend of industrial rock and dance music.

Photo Courtesy of Gastrea

If that wasn’t cryptic enough to entice you, go and check out Gastrea for yourself.

Check them out at: