Off The Record is a weekly MUSE installment exploring the favorite music of the Daily Free Press editorial staff. Each week a different editor will pick their five favorite songs. Week three features our Executive Editor, Megan Riesz. Enjoy. 

FreeP Executive Editor Megan Riesz

“Operator (That’s Not the Way It Feels)” – Jim Croce

With 417 plays in my iTunes library, more than double the amount of my second most played song (“Judy Blue Eyes”), it’s pretty clear that I have a Croce obsession. There’s nothing like the combination of his voice and simple guitar chords. I listen to it when I am trying to pretend I’m a hipster, which is often, apparently.

“Miles to Go” – Alison Krauss & Union Station

The name Alison Krauss automatically makes people think of bluegrass, but don’t stop reading quite yet. I’ve had the opportunity to see Alison Krauss & Union Station in the flesh and they are some of the best performers I’ve ever seen. Their new album, “Paper Airplanes,” is definitely bluegrass-y, but I’m still not embarrassed to love it. Country is what I get pumped up to before I go out. Yeah, I said it.

“Justify My Love” – Madonna

This is one of the Queen’s lesser-known songs, one that made a hoopla in the 80’s for its provocative music video. Regardless, this semi-rap-semi-talk song is undeniably sexy and groovy. I listen to it when I saunter down Comm. Ave. And inevitably trip.

“Talkin’ Bout A Revolution” – Tracy Chapman

This is one of those songs that my roommates and I blare in our apartment, so it’s our version of “Party Rock Anthem.” It takes me right back to the 70’s…ah, those were the days. Truly, though, Tracy Chapman has one of those voices that only come around once in a blue moon. Damn, I wish I had a Blue Moon right now.

“You’ll Never Find a Love Like Mine” – Lou Rawls

Straight up babymaking music. You can ask our ex-editor-in-chief, Josh Cain.