It’s the second week of FreeP-ing and some of us are already going crazy. For example, Saba (our shining star and editor-in-chief) and I traveled to Barnes and Noble to get coffee and baked goods. Saba, in usual form, managed to knock her iced tea into the trash can while attempting to put a straw in it. While we wiped the tears from our eyes, the nice Starbucks employees made her another one. This is our life.

Anyway, I guess I should explain what the point of Inside the Newsroom is. As executive editor, I’ll be updating the world on what goes on in the office as we make the paper that all five of you read. (Jokes! Jokes…) It gets crazy in here sometimes so hopefully I’ll be able to weave you a weekly tale that you can enjoy. Maybe even laugh at.

As of now, 648 Beacon is fairly quiet. We have not yet had the opportunity to bond over YouTube videos such as “Club Can’t Handle Me (Indian Style)” or the Empire State Gold Buyers commercial (“everything I do is wrong”). It’s the beginning of the semester and we all have one idea in mind: doing work. But as the year continues, our belligerency will reach a point at which we will finish the paper three hours later than normal – maybe because Chelsea Diana, our city editor, pronounces Mugar like “Mu-GAR” and we’re all dying of laughter. You never know what’ll happen in FreeP-Vegas.

Happy reading! -Megan Riesz, executive editor