Sam Dykstra and Saba Hamedy. Photo Illustration Credit Sumner Lambert

SAM: Our most loyal followers know that we here at S&S usually like to have a little bit of fun with our weekly posts here on the FreeP blog, but this week we’re going to take things in a slightly different direction.

Last week, news broke that Brandon Davies, the third-leading scorer and best rebounder on the Brigham Young University, was suspended from the team for violating school policy. Nobody quite knew what that policy was, and in today’s day and age, everybody’s mind jumped to the worst. Was it something criminal? Did he use drugs? Were his grades not up to snuff? So many questions about what would force a top-five team to suspend one of its stars.

Well, we finally got our answer.

Word came out that Davies had had sex with his girlfriend, and it was that act that violated the policy at the school – a Mormon institution – that prohibits premarital sex.

I’ll hold back on my statements for now, but Saba, what are your initial thoughts on a player being kicked off a team for having sex?

SABA: I think though the school is a Mormon institution, there could have been other ways to handle the suspension. Knowing that Davies, like all human beings, makes mistakes, BYU administrators should have definitely re-evaluated the violation.

Sure, he violated the school’s honor code by having sex. But, he was honorable by admitting his wrong offense. AND it’s not like he was having sex with a bunch of biddies – it was his girlfriend. A serious relationship.

A BYU spokewoman told The Washington Post that Davies future on the team and at the school is to be determined, something I find extremely ridiculous.

SAM: I know that’s what my original thoughts were as well.

But you do have to step back for a second and consider all the angles. Davies knew what he was getting himself into from the second he committed to the Cougars. He knew it was a Mormon school. He knew there would be rules that most would consider outrageous in this 21st-century world we live in. He grew up nearby for Heaven’s sake!

If of-age guys and girls want to have sex, I will never say that they shouldn’t. But if they do so in an environment where they might be repercussions, then they should be able to live with those repercussions.

SABA: Sex is sex. But I guess that’s not from a religious standpoint. I just can’t wrap my head around why BYU administrators would throw away a vital part of their basketball team and school community for something that certainly could have been mulled over for a longer period of time.

SAM: But rules are rules, Saba. If I was caught for underage drinking and was punished, I’d be angry but would accept it, and literally no one else would care. Now if someone on the BU hockey team was caught for underage drinking but got off easy because he was a vital part of the team and community, I’d be angry as all hell and so would everyone else who’s ever been caught for breaking a debatable rule.

Sex may be sex, but fair is fair.

SABA: We agree to disagree, Samwise.