The In Your Words section of Daily Free Now asks BU students for their opinions about the topics dominating the news. A new law proposed in New Hampshire would forbid college students from being able to vote in the state in which they go to college, unless they lived there prior to attending school. Is […]

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With all the snow and rain we’ve gotten in the past week, I know most of us dread leaving our rooms to venture into the bitter cold and puddles of slush. Going through the same routine of class, dining hall and dorm everyday can be a little dull. So this week, get away from the routine and head to Cambridge! While Harvard Square does have particularly charming places to see, getting off one stop before at Central Sqaure will have you a couple of minutes away from The Great Eastern Trading Co., an extraordinary costume shop that has hundreds of treasures to amuse the curious.

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While I write this post — and simultaneously Tweet about Egypt, check Facebook photos of everyone’s weekend adventures and catch up on my daily dose of news — I am actively procrastinating on writing three papers that are due this week. Yes, three whole papers that are due in the next three days and probably should have been done days ago. Of course it’s just hit me, and perhaps it has hit many of my classmates as well, that we’re actually here in London to — that’s right you guessed it — study.

Studying in London has been a dramatic change from what I’m used to back in Boston. No, it’s not just because I’m living in a different country but it is because classes are structured and taught differently. Classes, or the first two classes I’m set to take this semester, last only five weeks. In fact, this is my last week of classes, the homestretch ending in two finals early next week.

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SABA: This week we’ll be discussing the most popular Sunday event of the year: The Oscars!

Just kidding, that’s not sports-related. And probably not as watched as The Super Bowl.

Three reasons why I basically know nothing about football:

1) I am from Los Angeles – the city with two baseball and basketball teams but no football team (although they are making that Farmer’s Field, so I hear. Bleh just means more LA traffic and more of CA’s budget gone to waste)

2) I go to BU – we ditched our football team years ago. So I don’t even have a school allegiance.

3) My parents are not from America – Super Bowl Sunday has always seemed like a very American family-oriented activity. I’m Persian. Football means soccer in Iran. Soccer > American football.

Anyway . . .What year of the Super Bowl is it again, Sam?

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Though I tend to mumble incomprehensibly much of the time, I’ve found my peers have no trouble voicing their opinions, quite loudly I might add. As I go throughout my day, mindlessly trekking through the snow, I often catch bits and pieces of conversations, many of which are sexual, profane, utterly confusing, or all of the above. Occasionally I’ll hear something mundane about the weather or an assignment, but mostly I’m struggling to contain my shock/outrage/laughter as I listen in on those around me. I hate to give myself away as a perpetual “creeper”, as it gives me great pleasure to eavesdrop on people, but some things I overhear around campus are just too good to be kept to myself. The following snippets have proved memorable in my eavesdropping experiences:

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The world is toying with us. The same day Punxsutawney Phil told us Spring was coming early, the gods decided to spit on us all day leaving puddles the size of the groundhog’s beloved Pennsylvania at every turn. The day we hear the great news that Britney Spears released the title and artwork of her new album, The White Stripes break up. But never fear, because Boston is serving up a pretty ludicrous lineup of great acts in the month of February, and The MUSE is here to highlight a few of them for you.

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Today, as I calmly and quietly held a conversation with a university acquaintance of mine on the Ecovia bus home, an old poncho-clad woman violently kicked me in the shins, yelled some incomprehensible Spanish babble at me, then kicked me again before I sidestepped away to safety. I exchanged a few puzzled looks with my fellow passengers, all of whom seemed equally as mystified by the incident as I did, as the woman unceremoniously took a seat.

What could I have possibly done to warrant such a vicious attack?

Though I hadn’t been talking loudly, I had been speaking English – could I have suddenly become an incarnation of American, imperial aggression in her eyes, thereby making her attack a way for her to stick it to the man?

Was she offended by the fact that I was wearing a cotton shirt embroidered by an Otavalan artisan when I, myself, was clearly not indigenous?

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