This week on S&S, Sam gives Saba a BU-themed sports quiz.

Sam Dykstra and Saba Hamedy. Photo Illustration Credit Sumner Lambert

1) Who was the coach of the BU men’s basketball team before Patrick
Chambers took over last season?

2) How many NCAA championships has BU won in men’s hockey?

3) Which men’s basketball player went down with an injury earlier
this season and is now out for the rest of his junior campaign? (Hint:
he was a tri-captain.)

4) Which BU netminder got his first shutout of the season Saturday
night in a 1-0 win over Providence College?

5) What is the highest the women’s ice hockey team been ranked this season?


1) Saba: Dennis Wolff because I asked the audience (a room full of editors)
and 50 percent (I’m guessing Editor-in-Chief Josh Cain and Sports
Editor Annie Maroon were those two people). Although, Farid Hamedy (my
dad) was a close choice for second pick (holla at Chelsea Feinstein).

Sam: You are correct, madam! Wolff coached the team for 15 years and led the team to two NCAA tournament berths before being canned in the summer of 2009. Chambers has coached the team now for two seasons and has a chance to lead the Terriers to their second straight America East championship game in March.

You’re 1-for-1, Saba. Have to say I’m impressed (even though it took some help from your friends).

2) Saba: SIX – this is a blind guess.

Sam: Ooooooh, so close. BU has actually won five NCAA men’s hockey titles: 1971, 1972, 1978, 1995 and 2009. Jack Parker has won the latter of those three trophies, and with the team fighting for a spot in this year’s tourney, there’s an outside shot that his team could compete for that sixth ring that you apparently think they have.

Now, 1-for-2. Let’s see if you can course-correct.


Sam: Alright, we’ll play Jeopardy! rules (shout-out to my boy Watson for proving his dominance over the human race in the area of useless information) and accept last names as answers. It was junior forward Jake O’Brien who went down with a foot injury that led to season-ending surgery. It’s easy to wonder precisely just how well the Terriers would be doing heading into the conference tourney.

Moving on up to 2-for-3. You’re like Ray Allen from 3-point land, Saba.

4) Saba: KIERAN – please tell me this is true Josh Cain.

Sam: I’ll accept last names, but NOT FIRST NAMES. You don’t know Kieran so you’re not on a first-name basis with the guy. Yes, the answer is Kieran Millan. Lucky for you, I’m in a giving mood and will award you half a point for getting the first name.

So that makes it 2.5-for-4. One last answer. At the buzzzzzzzzzer. . .

5) Saba: 1st –Power to women’s hockey.

Sam: Ehnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn (or however you’d do the onomatopoeia for a last-second buzzer). As much as I love BU women’s ice hockey coach Brian Durocher and wish the best for him in all things, I can’t quite say that the Terriers have reached No. 1 status quite yet. They peaked at No. 3 earlier this season before dropping to No. 5 this week. Not bad for a team in its sixth season of existence.

So that’s it. You finish 2.5-for-5, a nice and even 50 percent. In sports terms, that type of performance could either be pretty good or completely average. A .500 batting average, on-base percentage or shooting percentage are really, really good. A .500 winning percentage is as average as it gets.

Unfortunately, the real world doesn’t see things in sports terms, and 50 percent won’t get you those great grades in school I know you’re capable of in the classroom.

But since this is S&S on Sports, and we always see the world through sports-colored glasses, I will congratulate you on your excellent performance. Well done, Saba. Four for you. I don’t know of what, but I think you appreciate a Mean Girls reference.

Saba: HAH! 2.5 is pretty good, right? Anyway – did you score better than me readers?  (Probably) Post your results!