The Black Keys’ “Howlin’ For You” Music Video

The Black Keys’ newest music video is … not really a music video. It’s more of an epically badass movie trailer for a flim that should, but probably won’t, be made. Half Kill Bill, half Desperado, the three-minute western shoot ’em up could be the newest installment in Tarantino and Rodriguez’s Grindhouse movies. And is that Willis from Diff’rent Strokes?! What ‘chu talkin’ ’bout, Black Keys?


The Strokes “Under Cover of Darkness”

The Strokes’ first single in five years is a classic cut with catchy pop riffs, a sharp and singable chorus and just about everything else you’ve ever loved about Julian Casablancas and Co. The band’s new album, Angels, is set to release this spring, and they recently released the cover art on their website ( The Strokes will also be sharing the Sunday night headlining spot with Kanye West at Coachella in April. Still no official word on a major U.S. tour, but they’re currently scheduled to play shows in Las Vegas, Portugal, Spain and Japan. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, here’s a time warp to “Reptilia.” Then go try to beat it on expert on Guitar Hero III for nostalgia’s sake.


Dr. Dog “My Old Ways”

Dr. Dog is playing back to back nights at the Paradise next weekend. For the last two years, these Philadelphia enthusiasts for 60s era chamber-pop have played awesomely high energy, room packing shows at the ‘Dise, and it’s safe to bet they’re going to bring it again this year (Take this refresher course). Here’s “My Old Ways” animated music video from 2007’s We All Belong.


Weezer “Like A Good Neighbor”

What the … a Weezer song that doesn’t suck? For State Farm? This is hilarious in so many ways. In one respect, this song kinda kicks ass. And in another, it makes me even sadder about what Weezer has become. But try to remember the glory days of Weezer: Pinkerton, “Buddy Holl,” and The Muppet Show video for “Keep Fishin.'” Before a song like “Beverly Hills” ever existed. Simpler times.


–  Steve Church, Music Editor


Tough Guys sing Savage Garden

Something about seeing a bunch of toothless, rough and tough soccer lovers in an old pub singing one of my favorite 90s singles brings a tear to my eye. Maybe it’s just the season of Valentine’s that has me going all sappy like but not matter what my reasoning, this is a must-see.


– Sam Ulan, Television Columnist


The Bridge – “Rosie”

Yeah, we can’t stop talking ( about them, and their new single is so catchy that it’s come full circle back to badass again. They’re hitting the Paradise tonight in support of Tea Leaf Green (like we said and if you like your music served live with a kick of funk, we’ll see you there.


Black Eyed Peas Super Bowl Fallout

Alright, this was going to be where I pimped the new Black Keys video, but Steve beat me to it. So let’s keep things semi-related and semi-relevant with this video showing Hitler’s reaction to the Black Eyed Peas’ Super Bowl appearance. These videos are generally overdone and there sure are a lot of them, but this one manages to be both hilarious and incisive in showing the pretty much universal reaction of everyone we know when we all heard that we’d have Fergie and co. shoved down our throats again, eight months after everyone stopped caring. Have at the video, but then scroll back up and watch “Howlin’ For You” again, just for the hell of it.


Super Bowl Commercials

And finally, in keeping with the semi-related and semi-relevant theme I’ve cultivated here, how about one of the better Super Bowl commercials that came out this year? We’re sure to invite debate on this one, but how could you ignore this little guy and deny him his Darth Vader fantasies? I defy you, in the name of the Empire. May the force be with you, little Darth.


– Dan Rys, MUSE Editor