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Sam: First up, your thoughts on your Los Angeles Lakers’ thrashing at the hands of my Boston Celtics this afternoon, there Sabs?

Saba: Listen, I’m not saying it wasn’t bad (because it was pretty bad) but it was definitely a ONE-TIME thrash. Remember, remember the 17th of June (you see what I did there?)

Sam: One-time? Ha. You’re showing your naivety, Saba. Do you need reminding that the Men in Green have won 17 championships, nine of which have come against the scumbags in purple and yellow (except for Magic, I respect Magic) to the Lose Angelose Losers’ 16. This wasn’t a one-time thing.

But that’s beside the point. We’re not talking about the past here  (or the far off past at the very least).  We’re talking about the C’s 109-96 win Sunday afternoon. So again I ask, what were your thoughts on your team’s horrendous loss? Or are you at a loss for words, seeing how bad the destruction truly was?

Saba: Scumbags in purple? Really that’s all you got? Anyway, like I admitted before the game was pretty damn pathetic. As Josh the editor-in-chief and my fellow Lakers fan said: “You know it’s a bad game when Kobe scores 40 points” because that means no one else did shit. I don’t know if the Championship got to their heads or if Pau was just acting like an oaf, but it was a pretty sad day for the Lakers.

I’m never going to say the Celtics played well. But I can say that the Lakers played poorly.

I still don’t understand why New England Dunkin’ Donuts cups have to have the Celtics symbol on them either. It’s like begging for spirit to spread in Boston.

I’m getting kind of nervous that someone is going to look at this blog and stab me in the middle of the night.

*Note to blog readers: Please don’t hurt me, I can’t help my allegiance!

*Note to self: That note to blog readers will probably get me killed even quicker.

Sam: I’ll take on the Dunkin’ Donuts cup controversy that you just created first. Listen, the cups have the logo not to “spread spirit” but to get people to actually buy coffee. People in New England naturally gravitate toward the shamrock so there’s no need for anything to spread.

As for Kobe, it’s not that no one else did anything; it’s the fact that Kobe did everything that was the problem. Did you know he had ZERO assists Sunday? That means he never passed the ball to anyone who scored even once. That’s a problem for the Lakers. He goes on these little power trips every now and again, where he’s all big and tough and “Oh, I’m going to shoot it every time down the floor because I think that I, Kobe Bean Bryant, am the only good enough to touch the basketball.” That leads to missed shots and teammates who get out of rhythm.

But anywho, speaking of Kobe, what’d you think about seeing Shaq in green at the Staples Center?

Saba: HIS MIDDLE NAME IS BEAN? I <3 Kobe, even if he is an alleged rapist and ball hog. What you call ignorance I call respect.

SHAQ betrayed me. Back in the day, I was so sad about him leaving the Lakers that I saved the LA TIMES ad he placed that was like a goodbye to LA. I don’t know where that ad is anymore – maybe I burned it, maybe I didn’t.

It was weird seeing him by Kobe in that one camera shot.

SIDE ANECDOTE: My best friend Kenna and I were once deemed the Kobe and Shaq of our sixth grade bball team. Ballin’.

Now when I see Shaq all I see is a big, mean Green monsta’.

Sam: And a Green Monster he is (c’mon we all don’t have accents in Massachusetts). Definitely been a fine addition and will continue to be even as Kendrick Perkins gets more and more minutes at the center spot. And even if these two teams meet in the Finals again, all Shaq has to do is whisper in Kobe’s ear, “Hey, Kobe. Tell me how my ass tastes.” Then, he’ll be worth his weight in gold.

Finally as you know, there’s a big broomball game coming up Thursday at midnight between my team (The Great COMmunicators, and yes our mascot is Ronald Reagan. Don’t judge us.) and the FreeP alumni team. You’re supposed to be an objective observer, Saba, so who ya got? (May I remind you to choose wisely though because you don’t only have me to deal with but also Josh if you make the wrong selection.)

Saba: Let’s just say I’ll be the one in the audience wearing my 11C “COM in your face” shirt but also holding a FreeP. I don’t have an allegiance this time. Floor v. FreeP, never an easy choice.

– Sam Dykstra and Saba Hamedy, DFP Staff