In a city as big as Boston, amidst the big touristy locations that many of us curious students have explored, lie some lesser known treasures – the hidden gems of our college town.

This week, we visit a spot close to home – a tiny café that brings the grand tastes of France here to Boston. Nestled on the corner of Park Drive in South Campus, Crispy Crepes Café boasts gourmet flavor at a pauper’s price. Simply walking five to six minutes across the St. Mary’s Bridge will bring you in front of this little diner-esque café.

Step inside and you are greeted by the poignant scent of fresh crepes. The menu consists of everything from turkey and cranberry sauce crepes to coconut, banana and chocolate crepes, ranging from only four to six dollars. Each crepe is made to order, allowing you to specify your personal preferences and desires to the chef. If not in the mood for a crepe, there are a variety of other options such as sandwiches, salads and pastas, which also fall into the low price range.

The exposed brick walls and simplicity of the space give the café a homey atmosphere, allowing you to transport yourself to a Sunday brunch at grandma’s house. This restaurant is somewhere you can sit for hours on end, savoring delicious food and catching up with close friends in a casual environment. Expect impressive service, delectable treats and unmatched ambience.

Crispy Crepes, at its finest, combines good food with value for money. It is close enough to most of us to avoid the hassles of transportation but still far enough from our beloved Comm. Ave. to be considered an outing. If you want a refreshing change from the usual hang out spots on campus, take a few steps over the bridge and grab a bite at this unrivaled café. Whether for a lazy brunch on Sunday afternoon or a quick dinner on a Tuesday night, Crispy Crepes Café is a unique gem which we are lucky enough to have tucked away on our very own campus!

– Shyela Malani, Blog Contributor