Students trampled across snowy sidewalks to get to class on Thursday after Boston University issued it’s second delayed opening in the first two weeks of the semester, canceling all classes before 11 a.m. after a snow storm that dumped nearly a foot of snow on the city.

Students said that with the exception of a few areas, most of the campus was cleared adequately before classes began.

“All last night I saw workers putting salt on the streets and plowing in preparation for the night’s storm,” said Jillian Seroka, CAS ’14.

However, some said they were shocked when they approached the unplowed BU Bridge.

“My walk to the gym was fine until I got to the bridge where students were climbing over snow banks and sliding into the road,” said Tahlia Fancy, CAS ’14.

Chiming in, Emily McCormick, COM ’14, remarked, “My entire news feed on Facebook consists of Mobile Uploads of the debacle otherwise known as the BU Bridge.”

Students residing in West Campus had a particularly windy walk to their first classes of the day with snow debris and wind flying around.

“It was impossible to avoid being pelted in the face by snow my entire walk to class this morning,” said Casey Nulph, CGS ’14. “It was a struggle to see where you were going.”

Andrew Wasserstein, Blog Contributor