It’s been nearly one year since I began studying in Boston, and within this year, I experienced many different lifestyles. Boston gave me a first impression of a place with a bunch of smart people, and before that I didn’t know about Boston at all. The avid sports fans for the Red Sox as well as the constant Patriots fever has made this city more vivid. The lobsters and oysters constantly remind me that this is a city near a port. It is different from New York, where the coldness discourages people from walking out. I have to get used to these differences and started my new life, but this process has been interesting and not many people know about it.

When I lived in a town located in upstate New York, it was a quiet place. There were lots of trees and deer, where I can barely see people on the street in the downtown area during the weekday. It was a town where most students lived, and during the holidays students would all go home and leave the town empty. Although the tax rate in New York is high, grocery prices are not as high as they are in Boston. It was the first place I lived in the United States, and in New York, I was already surprised by the price there, but now in Boston, I finally realized what “expensive” really means. Upstate New York is a quiet area that doesn’t have any other entertainment to distract me from studying. The school I studied in has a good reputation of business and accounting within New York state, and many graduate students could easily get a job in New York City. I was able to do that as well, but I chose to come to Boston to study what I like and start another life in this country.

A change from upstate New York to the busy streets of Boston was a hard but necessary one. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

A change from upstate New York to the busy streets of Boston was a hard but necessary one. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Boston is modern and more like my hometown. It’s more crowded due to the large population and also noisier as I can always hear the sound of the MBTA and cars, and more dangerous since I can see the ambulances and fire trucks crossing Commonwealth Avenue all the time. School here is stressful as well, I have heard before that it is hard to get A’s at Boston University. So, the first semester I focused on my studies in order to have a good start. This semester I finally got more chances to discover Boston and also to write blog posts for The Daily Free Press. I pushed myself to walk out of my house in order think of inspirations for a new blog post. I learned about the Red Sox, the lobster cuisine, the Boston drinking culture and the academic atmosphere in this place. Turns out at the end of this semester I was able to tell my friends where to go when they travel in here. Another thing that has totally changed my life here is that I don’t have to eat salad or burgers anymore and I can have Chinese cuisine every day. There are so many Asian restaurants nearby my house and I am so glad that I no longer need to force myself to cook.

It is an entirely different experience between living in upstate New York and Boston. Every single place has their good or bad for us to discover. For me, I just changed my study environment: before, I was more focus on studying but now I have more places to go, and I can learn more things that are not in textbooks. I am glad that I could write blogs for The Daily Free Press. It is an unforgettable experience though it might be difficult sometimes when I am running out of inspiration. I enjoy the process of finding out what to write about school and Boston and telling others about my experiences and feelings in words.

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