Last weekend, I went on a whale watching tour at the Boston Harbor. It was a sunny day, and I could see the top of Prudential Center when I first went on board. As I started the voyage on the ship, I somehow felt detached to the city. The new memories that I have in Boston all came back to me and I began to reflect.

Looking at the city, besides the scuttle when the plane was approaching Logan International Airport, I came to realize that this city was now my second home besides Beijing. To be honest, at the beginning, I was nervous and did not have the confidence to speak to others. As many of you may have experienced, I struggled before I went to my first office hour of PH 160. Lots of weird thoughts came to my head when I stepped in. What if my professor could not understand me? Can I just drop the course? Things turned out to be much better. All the professors were very kind, and from talking with them, I unlocked the hidden characteristics of myself and began to believe in my abilities to challenge myself. I went to interesting places and discovered restaurants; I chatted with Uber drivers and heard their funny stories; I adapted more in this new society, even the changing weather. Coming back from sea to land, I realized that I have grown up so much.

Coming from Bejing to Boston was hard, but it's been a year to remember. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Coming from Bejing to Boston was hard, but it’s been a year to remember. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

I also want to thank everyone at The Daily Free Press who contributed to my freshman year. Especially to Weihua, Kalina and Meredith. Throughout this semester, I wrote blogs and shot videos with my peers together. They guided me when I met difficulties and encouraged me to be the more confident person I am now. I also want to thank you for reading my blog. Thank you Boston, and the people I have met and will meet in this city.

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